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Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation                  


                                         Sai Baba Centre Ė Leicester Central                                                         


Centre Activities - Sai Spiritual Education


                               In Human Values

Non Violence
Right Conduct



                       " When there is righteousness in the heart

                          There will be beauty in the character.

                          If there is beauty in the character,

                         There will be harmony in the home.

                         Where there is harmony in the home,

                         There will be order in the nation.

                         When there is order in the nation,

                         There will be peace in the world. "  




Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV) is an international self-development programme for children and young people based on the five universal human values.  It is a fun and stimulating programme that helps children to explore concepts of right and wrong through the use of story telling, role play, songs, games and drama.  Examples of the great civilizations and famous people are used in the teaching. 


The purpose of the programme is to develop positive values.  This is a powerful educational tool that can help draw out the inherent values in children and make them fit for life not just for earning a living.


The SSEHV co-ordinator at Leicester central is responsible for organising events for the general community.  Exhibitions in public libraries or schools are examples.  There is a six module-training programme for people interested in teaching SSEHV in schools.  The training is suitable for everyone.  Several members of the centre have attended the training course in order to introduce the programme.




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