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Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation                  


                                         Sai Baba Centre Leicester Central                                                         


Centre Activities - Sai Spiritual Education





" Unless Knowledge is transformed into wisdom,

And wisdom is expressed in character,

Education is a wasteful process.

If education confers this gift of transformation,

Then life will become peaceful,

 happy and full of mutual help and co-operation. "








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Dates for next few weeks


Dear Parents

Jai Sai Ram

Please find below some SSE information and dates for your diary:


Sunday 23 & Sunday 30 March 2008  -Easter Holiday

Due to the unavailability of the school, we will have to close for 2 weeks during Easter.

However, on Easter Sunday, there will be a service at St Gabriel’s Church where we are all invited.

Please look out at the Centre for further information.


Sunday 13 April 2008  - Parents study Circle.

The first one was held in February, and some of the parents who attended have  given some very positive comments.

Please do come along and contribute towards the discussion. A text is attached for you to read before the study circle.


Sunday 4 May 2008  -  Eashwaramma Celebrations

This will be celebrated at a Regional level in Darlaston near Wolverhampton.

The children from SSE will be taking part in a performance. Dates for practices will be sent out as soon as we know the numbers. If anyone would like to help out in this, please do come and see myself or one of the other gurus.

Transport for the event will be organised by the Centre, but we cannot take the children without their parent/guardian, so please do come. It will be a fun day with something for everyone.

Please complete the slip below if you would like your child to take part.


Sunday 29 June 2008  - SSE exams  & last day at SSE

Those sitting National exams will have to arrive by 9.00 and further details will be sent out.


Sunday 6 July 2008. -  Family Values Day

A picnic with activities for all ages will take place at Regional Level.

Last year, the Family Values day was a great success, and many parents asked this to become a yearly event.

Further details will follow nearer the date.


 Sunday 7 September 2008  - New SSE Term  & New Registration

If you know of anyone who wants to send their child/children to SSE, please ask them to come along



SSE information will be posted onto the website, so if you have missed something, please visit the website. The address is


SSE Timings

Many children are arriving late for SSE, and it takes a few minutes for them to settle down.

We also like to finish with prayers at the end, and are finding that we don’t have enough time.

Having taken everything into consideration, we have decided to finish at 12.15 instead of 12.00.

So the new timings for SSE is 10.15 to 12.15.

Of course it would be nice if the children did arrive at 10.00 so they can be present for the aarti.


Yours in Sai Service

Anila Mistry



Information on Sai Spiritual Education

Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) is the primary basis of the great movement to restore righteousness in the world.

The aim is to guide and mould the children from an early age, so they acquire and practice

 the right values in life, and learn to live with discipline and simplicity.   


Whereas Formal Education caters for:

·        the physical

·        mental

·        and intellectual development of the child.


Sai Spiritual Education caters for:

·        the physical,

·        mental,

·        emotional,

·        psychological,

·        spiritual,

·        psychical

·        and moral faculties of the child.


In other words, SSE was set up to cater for the complete development of the child.


Launched under the inspiring guidance of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sai Spiritual Education,  is values oriented.


Its main objective is to help children imbibe a system of Values, based on:





 LOVE and





including the ancient heritage of tolerance and unity of faiths, so they may cultivate and practice the following virtues:

·      Due respect for parents and elders.

·      Proper attention to school studies and respect to school teachers.

·      Good physical orderliness in respect of dress and behaviour at school and society.

·      Courage and Self-confidence.

·      Good moral character.

·      Making good use of time by appointing it in a balanced way between study, work, play and prayer.

·      Spirit of service for those who need their help.

·      Faith in God who expects one to be truthful, honest, good, loving, kind and serviceable to all fellow beings.


Obviously these benefits accrue only when:

The child responds satisfactorily to the instructions.

The teacher and parent help and co-operate with each other.



To ensure that the children take back home what they have learnt in class:


·                     The children are made to maintain a spiritual diary which is filled under the supervision of the parents.

 ·                     The teachers and parents should at least once a quarter follow up with the child’s progress in all spheres i.e. home, school and SSE and also to adopt corrective and progressive measures for the child.




To help achieve this objective, it is essential to mould the child’s mind at a very early age, so that slowly and steadily, proper ethical, moral, social, cultural and spiritual values are inculcated into the child’s growing personality. The child’s ‘Character’ has to be moulded just when the ‘clay is soft’.



                                                   " The Purpose Of Education

Is To Learn How To Live,

Not How To Make A Living. "






Sai Spiritual Education uses the following 5 Teaching Techniques’ to effectively impart the teachings.  They are:



The inner significance lies in the Moral Values in each story.

The children are inspired by great men and women.

Emphasises all the 5 Values.



Helps build up concentration, efficiency and devotion.

Awakens the awareness of truth about the Divine Consciousness.

Emphasises Truth, Peace, Love



Teaches co-operation, tolerance, unity and sharing.

Brings out the creative flair.

Emphasises Right Action, Love, Truth, Non-Violence.



Inspires faith and devotion.

Acquaints and builds a relationship with God and gives peace and joy. Emphasises all 5 values.


·      ROLE PLAY

Gives confidence, teaches unity co-operation and team work.

Emphasises Non-Violence, Right Action and Love.







Leicester Central SSE classes are held at Soar Valley Community College every Sunday from 10.15 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.  Classes start at the age of 4 which is our Reception Class, and the children remain with us until they complete the course at the age of 16. After this they are encouraged to join us as ‘trainee teachers’. Apart from having normal lessons, we also organise extra activities. They are:



Study Circles

Play Practices

Fun Days

Sports Day

Service Activities (Seva)



Many of these dates are on the ‘Year Planner’ (please ask), and also on letters that go out a week before the event, and also on the posters put up on Sundays.


" When there is righteousness in the heart

There will be beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the character,

There will be harmony in the home.

Where there is harmony in the home,

 There will be order in the nation.

When there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world. "






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