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Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation                  


                                         Sai Baba Centre – Leicester Central                                                         


Centre Activities - Library


Non Violence
Right Conduct

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Leicester Central – Library


The Library is available to all members of the community who require

access to Sai literature.


The collection in the Library consists of books, magazines and videos. 


This material is available in Hindi, Gujarati and English.




Where is the library?


The library is setup every two weeks at the Soar Valley Community College, Gleneagles Avenue,

on the first floor.  Please check the calendar for the next library session.




How do I join the Library?


All you need to join the library is some form of identification, such as a driving licence

or a medical card or a bill.  The information we require is your name,

address and telephone number.




How many items can I borrow?


There is no maximum number you can borrow at any one time, but we do ask you to be reasonable. 




How long can I borrow?


All items are issued for 2 weeks and can be extended up to 3 times. 

If you need to borrow after this period, you will need to return the item

and have it re-issued.




How do I reserve a library item?


If the item you want is out to another reader, you can ask the library sevadal

to reserve it for you.  For this you would need to give the details of the item

and your details, so that the item is stopped from being issued or renewed

to another reader.  You would then be expected to enquire at the library desk

to see whether it is available or not.




Book List


To be updated shortly.



Children's Book List


1Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba (Chithrakatha) 
2Chinna Katha II 
3Chinna Katha I 
4Satvic Stories - Vol 2Benjamin Kurzwell
5Sai Baba's Songbird 
6Alex The Dolphin 
7Fragrance - A Bouquet of 70 EHV Stories B G Pitre
8Harmony - 70th Year of the Advent of SSS Avatar 
9Living with Baba 
10Stories for Children Part I 
11Stories for Children Part I 
12Children's Sai BabaProf D D Parchuve MA
13Ecstasy & Epiphany, Devotional poems to SSSBP Sharma
14Sri Sathya Sanathan Sanskriti - Eternal Heritage Museum 
15The Divinity Within 
16A Song in my Heart Sylvia Bishop
17The Magic Spell of Hari's NameShanta Diwakar
18Sri Sathya Sai Divya Vani (True Vision) 
19Satvic Food and Health in Sathya Sai Baba's own Words 
20Sai Sangeet Bhajanavali (Green Book) 
21AdventMichael Hollandar
22Stepping Stones to realityRobert Coopley
23Dream BirdsDavid Ogden
24Sai Baba Mercy to Worlds 
25The Annunciation SongN Kasturi
26The Beacon (1985) SSSB Picture Book 
27My Life is My Message 
28Saiclopaedia - 2 
29Mohana Bala Sai 
30The Bal Vikas Stotra Book 
31Bhagawan Mahavira (Anada) 
32Karna (The Gren Warrior) 
34Mukti the Lion 
35Chinna Katha 
36Look Inside You 
37Bal Vikas Stotra Book 
38Journey to God - Part I 
39Journey to God - Part II 
40Journey to God - Part III 
41The Story of Divine Children 
42Start the Day with Love 
43Basic Dictionary 
44Wish Fulfilling Thee 





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Video List



1.    Gujarati Sai Charitra - 1                   by Dr Gadhia

2.    Gujarati Sai Charitra - 2                   by Dr Gadhia

3.    Gujarati Sai Charitra - 3                   by Dr Gadhia

4.    Gujarati Sai Charitra - 4                   by Dr Gadhia

5.    Gujarati Sai Charitra - 5                   by Dr Gadhia

6.    Gujarati Sai Charitra - 6                   by Dr Gadhia

7.    Gujarati Sai Charitra - 7                   by Dr Gadhia

8.    Gujarati Sai Charitra - 8                   by Dr Gadhia

9.    Gujarati Sai Charitra - 9                   by Dr Gadhia

10.  Gujarati Sai Charitra - 10                 by Dr Gadhia

11.  Gujarati Sai Charitra - 11                 by Dr Gadhia

12.  Glimpses of Yagna

13.  Sathya Sai Baba Satsang

14.  Aura of Divinity

15.  69th Birthday Celebrations 1994

16.  Guru Purnima 1994

17.  70th Birthday Celebrations

18.  68th Birthday Celebrations

19.  Sai Darshan Part-1

20.  Shirdi Ke Sai (film)

21.  Purushcharan and Havan 9-Jan-94

22.  Miracle of Puttaparthy 1994 – Hospital

23.  Song of Service

24.  Jagdishan on Hinduism

25.  Lakshacharan & Havan 1994

26.  Grand Trinity Programme 1995

27.  Sat Lakshacharan (NEC) 1989

28.  Eswaramma Day 1996

29.  God Lives in India – Who is Sathya Sai Baba – Hospital

30.  A Lamp of Love, Lights and Learning

31.  70th Birthday Celebrations

32.  Ganga – Living with Baba – 70th Birthday

33.  Europe Seva Project

34.  Love – Truth – Bible – Christmas 1996

35.  Anilkumar Talks to Devotees

36.  Lord Dhanvatri

37.  5th World Conference – 65th Birthday Celebrations

38.  Shirdi Sai Charitra in English – 1

39.  Shirdi Sai Charitra in English – 2

40.  Shirdi Sai Charitra in English – 3

41.  Shirdi Sai Charitra in English – 4

42.  Shirdi Sai Charitra in English – 5

43.  Shirdi Sai Charitra in English – 6

44.  Patal Bhuwaneshwere & Pure Love

45.  Glory of Universal Love


47.  First Morning Session on 15-Mar-1998

48.  73rd Birthday Celebrations

49.  Sai Mahima (III) 25-Jul-1998

50.  Mega Mela – 1999

50A  Eashwaramma Day 3-May-1999

51.  Golden Lingam – Shivratri 1999

52.  Jagadeesan on 9 Points of Conduct October 1995 (BNC)

53.  Gujarati Symposium 20-Oct-1999

54.  Baba’s Birthday Celebrations – 22-Nov-1998

55.  Millennium Sadhana – 17-Sep-2000

56.  National drama Festival (Rugby) – 6-Jan-2001

57.  Suresh Govind, Leicester University

58.  Eashwaramma Day Celebrations – 2000

59.  Who is Sathya Sai Baba Seminar – 29-Apr-2001 (BNC)

60.  Vimalbhai’s Farewell Party – 2-Jun-2001 (Soar Valley College)

61.  Padka Punjan 1995

62.  Sathya Sai 75th Birthday Celebrations – 19-Nov-2000

63.  Ladies Day Chaitanya Jyothi & inauguration of Musical College

64.  Sai Mahima – Vol 4  - Aug 2000

65.  Janmastmi Celebrations – 12-Aug-2000

66.  Christmas 2001 Celebrations 23-Dec-2001

67.  Bhagwan Baba Birthday Celebrations – 25-Nov-2001 – Unity of Faiths

68.  Gujarati Symposium – Mr Vadgama & Dr Upadhaya - 1993



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