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Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation                  


                                         Sai Baba Centre Ė Leicester Central                                                         


Centre Activities - Service Activities



"In every individual soul the divine resides. If you think and do service in
a selfless manner, you will surely find peace of mind."

Sathya Sai Baba

"Forget two things in life: the good you do to others and the harm others do
to you."

Sathya Sai Baba.




The service wing is split into 2 groups - Laxman & Bharat.





The two Groups are as follows


(Group Co-ordinators in Red, Assistant Co-ordinators in Blue)



Bharat Group & Events Diary 2005



Jerambhai Mistry

Vinodbhai B. Patel

Morarbhai Patel

Chandrakantbhai mistry

Gopalbhai Mistry

Dhirubhai Parmar

Harishbhai  Kanabar

Rameshbhai Ramji

Rohitbhai  Tailor

Thakorbhai  Patel

Ragubhai Patel

Jagubhai Mistry

Pareshbhai Patel

Vinodbhai Chauhan


Kantaben Mistry

Chanchalben. J. Mistry

Hiraben Patel

Jasuben Mistry

Kamlaben. G. Mistry

Kanchanben Modi

Lalitaben parmar

Pushpaben parmar

Ramilaben mistry

Gitaben Patel

Hansaben Surti

Hansaben Parmar

Kamlaben Mistry

Pushpaben Mistry

Ramilaben Patel

Kiranben Fakey

Ansuyaben Ramji





Ram Navami

18 April

Guru Purnima

21 July

Shri Krishna Janmastmi

27 August

Global Akhand Bhajan

12 & 13 Nov

Swami's Birthday Celebrations

19 Nov Regional, 23 Novr Centre

Christmas Celebrations

25 December




Laxman Group & Events Diary 2005



Vinodbhai Patel

Dilipbhai Patel

Champakbhai Mistry

Chhotubhai Shah

Ramanbhai Patel

Jagdishbhai Chauhan

Jayubhai Patel

Narendrabhai Mistry

Nileshbhai Jogia

Pravinbhai Mistry

Manharbhai Mistry

Saileshbhai Patel

Shirishbhai Patel

Natubhai Mistry

Harbhajanbhai Dhani

Yagneshbhai Pandya




Jyotsnaben Shah

Bhanuben Patel

Sheilaben Dhani

Bhartiben Shah

Jashumatiben Patel

Champaben Mistry

Jasuben Patel

Kirtiben Modha

Kusumben Patel

Pratibhaben Nirvane

Ranjanben Patel

Shantaben Patel

Sunitaben Joshi

Tinaben Patel

Jyotiben Mistry

Hansaben Mistry






Group Seva



27 Mar

Eashwaramma Day

8 May

Global Service Day

24 July

Diwali Celebrations

30 Oct

Global Akhand Bhajan

12 & 13 Nov

Ladies Day

19 Nov

Swami's Birthday Celebrations

19 Nov Regional, 23 Novr Centre