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Newsletter - November 2003


Non Violence
Right Conduct







Text Box: 78th Birthday Celebration Special Edition

















































































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Nine point code of conduct

What is the Nine Point Code of Conduct?

This code of conduct laid down by Swami is the most complete personal development guide to live a contented life and progress towards the ultimate goal of Universal Truth - God is everywhere and Atma is eternal (unchanging).

The code addresses transformation at three levels -Individual, Family and Society.


*       Daily Prayers/Meditation

*       Bhajans with all members of the family once a Week

*       Participation in SSE (Bal Vikas) Programme by

*       Children of the family

*       Participation in community work and other programmes of the Organisation

*       Attendance at least once a month at Bhajans organised by the Centre

*       Regular study of Sai Literature

*       To speak softly with everyone

*       Not to indulge in talking ill of others especially

*       in their absence

*       Narayana Seva (Service)


The Ten-Fold Path to Divinity

*    Love and serve the motherland; do not hate or hurt the motherland of others.

*    Honour every religion, each is a pathway to the  one God.

*    Love all men without distinction; know that   mankind is a single community.

*    Keep your home and its environment clean; it   will ensure health and happiness for you and for  society.

*    Do not throw coins when beggars stretch their   hands for alms, help them to become self   reliant. Provide food and shelter, love and care,   for the sick and the aged.

*    Do not tempt others by offering bribes or  demean yourself by accepting bribes.

*    Do not develop jealousy, hatred or envy on any  account.

*    Do not depend on others to serve your personal  needs, become your own servant, before  proceeding to serve others.

*    Observe the laws of the state and be an exemplary citizen.

*    Adore God, Abhor Sin.



Sadhana for a Devotee

Individual Sadhana

*       Gayatri Japa and Jyoti Meditation-Daily for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening or night.

*       Constant Awareness of Sai within-This can be achieved by the following methods:-

*       Akhand Namasmararn (Taking the Lord's name as frequently as possible during the day).

*       Recapitulating one's uplifting experiences during contact with Divine Presence during Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan.

*       Putting into practice Sai Teachings

*       Regular study of Sai Literature at home

Self Audit

*       Before retiring for the night, to undertake a review of our actions during the whole day, i.e. to examine and scrutinize thoughts that arose in our mind, words that we uttered and acts that we did as also our response and reaction to outside stimuli. This will bring out our motives and desires behind every action. The self-audit will also guide us in building up the right strategy for the next day and help develop our discriminating faculty which is most essential for every sadhaka.

Family Sadhana

*       Aim to make our home an abode of Peace (Prasanthi Nilayam) where mutual love and co-operation thrive and where there is no place for talking ill of others or nurture hatred or jealousy? This can be achieved by following the Nine codes of conduct.

Service to the Society

*       When we scrupulously follow individual and family sadhana, we are really fit to undertake community sadhana in the right spirit which will result in bringing joy, peace and satisfaction to the one who serves and also the one who is served. One has, therefore, to undertake social service activities besides spiritual and educational activities, where one gets an opportunity to perform "Nishkam Karma" with the feeling that "I am not the doer", as well as a chance to offer the fruits of one's action to SAI thereby the quality of non-attachment is developed, purity of mind is achieved and selfless love for all the entire creation is experienced to take us further in the search of the Ultimate Reality, which is inherent in us all.

Source: Sai Geetanjali




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A few simple ways of Practising the Nine Point Code Of Conduct in our daily lives:-

We have all heard about the Nine Point Code of Conduct but we can only benefit from it when we move from knowing to practising. In the past too many words have been spoken on the subject of 9 Point Code of Conduct. It's time to stop talking and start practising.

1 Every day meditation/japa

•  Daily prayers morning, afternoon, and evening e.g. Sai Three, or just remembering God for a few minutes at these times during our busy schedules.

•  Constant Naamsmaran - e.g. whilst walking or on bus, in the car etc.

•   Daily Jyoti Meditation or 5 minutes silent contemplation.

•  Full concentration in whatever activity is being undertaken.

2 Bhajans with all members of the family once a week

•  Encourage family bhajan.

•  Bhajan does not have to be just singing, it can include any devotional activity performed as a family, e.g.:-

•   Listening to bhajans together.

•   Family discussions/study circles - e.g. events from past scriptures and how we can practise it today.

•  Send Love through family prayers to those in need.

3 Participation in Bal Vikas(SSE) Programme by Children of the family

•  Practice the 5 Human Values - Love, Truth, Peace, Non-violence and Right Action.

•  Parents to spend time with children on SSE work as well as school work etc.

•  Parents to encourage children to attend SSE.

•  Youth to act as a link between the Youth and SSE wings and act as role models for the younger children.

4 Participation in community work and other programmes of the Organisation

• Meals on Wheels

•   Helping the elderly e.g. with shopping etc

•  Help in local community voluntary programmes.

•  Take an active part in one of the Sai Centre wings e.g. Spiritual, Service, SSE. (More information on service activities available from the Information Desk)

5 Attendance at least once a month at Bhajan or Nagar Sankirtan Organised by the Centre

•  Attend centre bhajans as often as possible.

•  Attend bhajan practices and lead bhajans.

•  Morning Naamsmaran/devotional singing - e.g. whilst walking or on bus, in the car etc.

6 Regular study of Sai Literature - (Many books are available from the Centre Library)

•   Read a little Sai Literature everyday, e.g. Sathya Sai Speaks, Sanathan Sarthi containing Baba's discourses etc, also holy books like Gita, Bible, Koran, and Ramayan etc.

•  Children can read short storybooks e.g. Ek Chin Katha, Baba's Life stories etc.

•  Read a quote from Baba every morning and practice this throughout the day.

7 To speak softly with everyone

•  Think before you speak - words cannot be retracted. Sometimes it is better to remain silent.

•  Talk softly to others, this will create a chain reaction and they too will lower their voice.

•  Practice different ways of controlling anger - e.g. if you find yourself raising your voice, then take a deep breath and count to 3 before speaking.

•  Respect others point of view, especially elders and don't speak back.

• Smile - remember it does not cost anything but will brighten someone's day!

8 Not to indulge in talking ill of others especially in their absence

•   Do not gossip and do your best not to listen to gossip, change topic if possible or try and move away from the situation, if this is not possible recite the name of the Lord silently.

•  Do not judge people, judge yourself.

9 Narayana Seva (Service)

•  Form habit not to waste food, only take food as required, do not take too much and waste it.

•   Buy one get one free offers; give the extra to charities, or those who are less fortunate.

•  Practice Ceiling on Desires and do not waste Food, Energy, Time and Money.

•   Use the gifts that God has given us wisely, recycle etc.




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A letter written by Bhagwan during student days which clearly spells the essence and meaning of true Spiritual living -

"My Dear Boys!


Are you feeling my presence in the very cells of your body?

God you think, god you are.

Dust you think, dust you are.

Verily thoughts are things. As you think, so you become. What you sow, so you reap.


Spiritual development does not germinate from the seeds sown in the soil of earthly pleasures. Every action in the form of hatred or evil is so much loss to the mind, and every evil thought or deed of hatred or any thought of reaction, if controlled, will be laid in your favour. It is not that we suspect. each time we lose by restraining ourselves, but we are gaining infinitely more than we suspect. Each time we suppress hatred or a feeling of anger, it is so much good energy stored up in our favour. That piece of energy is converted into the highest powers.


God is Love.








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Events Leading to Bhagawan’s Birthday in Prashanti Nilayam

The month of November is a very busy month in Prashanti Nilayam. The ashram is a hype of activity with new archways being erected, the decorations go up, the tents are put up where the sale of books and other paraphernalia will take place and colourful festoons and rangolis adorn the ashram. Devotees' start arriving from all over the world, all eager to celebrate the day the Lord descended on earth. Below are some of the activities leading up to the day:

19th November

Is Ladies day. The whole day is dedicated to the activities of Women. This is the day when women take the leading roll in around Prashanti Nilayam. The women would organise and lead the whole day. In the afternoon a divine discourse would be organized and the women will be the speakers along with Bhagawan; they will also get the precious opportunity to accompany Bhagawan in and around the ashram. As Bhagawan has declared 19th November as Ladies day, all Sai Organisations across the world have incorporated this day as such and have organised events accordingly.

20th November

It is usually the Education Day when Bhagawan spends most of the time with the students and staff of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute. Various activities are organized for the whole day and in the late afternoon Bhagawan graces them with a divine discourse. A cultural programme will be held in the Poornachandra Hall in the evening.

22nd November

Is the Convocation day for the institute when Bhagawan and a large contingency of dignitaries e.g. The Prime Minister and / or President of India attend the event. One needs to note that Bhagawan is the Chancellor of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and thus on this day students would be honoured for their educational achievements - this is an opportunity when no student or staff would want to miss. It is a remarkable site when Bhagawan wearing a white robe and a maroon convocation gown appears along with the vice chancellor, Registrar and the head of faculties and of course the VIP dignitaries in a massive procession. Bhagawan then confers degrees to passing out students and gives a divine discourse.

23rd November

The whole of the November Celebration culminates on Bhagawan's Birthday on 23rd November. In the morning the hall is decorated before the darshan time. A very large number of devotees come to pay their respects on this very auspicious day. A procession in the stadium is led by the elephant Sai Gita, followed by students with their musical band and sloka team, and followed by Bhagawan with dignitaries from all over India and abroad proceeds towards the main auditorium. In the auditorium wonderful bhajans are sung. Once Bhagawan has reached the auditorium the student's sing enchanting bhajans to the glory of Sai Era. The whole atmosphere is very lightning and cannot be described, but can only be experienced when one is congregated there. When the program completes Bhagawan distributes Ladoos, Sweet pongal (sweet cream cooked rice) to all the devotees.

In the evening, a cultural program is setup when eminent performers from the music world as well as theatrical world performing in front of Bhagawan, who would normally wear a white robe instead of the usual orange-red robe. Bhagawan would sit on a joola at this event. The food for the day would be served free of charge to all. Also, Bhagawan would do a "Narayan seva' during the morning session when he would distribute clothing and food to the poor and needy.

Events described above have been the norm for years but may vary as Bhagawan may change these as, and when necessary.




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''For the protection of the virtuous,

for the destruction of evil, for the establishment of Righteousness,

I incarnate from age to age"

The Avatar

Sri Sathya Sai Baba has said that the purpose of the Avatar is fourfold:

• Dharma Rakshan Protection of Righteousness

• Bhakta Rakshan Protection of Devotee

• Veda Poshana Nurturing the Vedas

• Vidvat Poshana Nurturing Scholars



The Avatar

The scriptures have provided 6 qualities by which to recognise the Supreme Being in human form:

• Soudarya Perfect Beauty

• Veerya

Splendour Power

• Aishvarya Inexhaustible Wealth

• Jnana Absolute Wisdom

• Yasha Undiminished Fame

• Vairagya Complete Detachment





The programme of conducting Group Devotional Songs (Bhajans) for 24 hours will be carried out all over the

world in all the Sai Centres, on the allocated day.

It saturates the atmosphere with thoughts of God and of the Peace and Joy that He showers. It purifies the


The vibrations of the "namasankirtan" (reciting the Lords Name) will cleanse the atmosphere and render it

pure and calm.

This year the 3 Centres of Leicester are joining together, for Akhand Bhajans.

The programme will be over Saturday and Sunday 8th & 9th November 2003 at the Lohana Community

Centre on Hildyard Road, Leicester in the upstairs hall. Start time is 12.30pm, with doors opening at

12.15pm. For those unable to climb up the stairs, we have also booked a small hall downstairs for limited times. These times are from 7pm to midnight on Saturday and 9am till noon on Sunday. T here will also be an altar set up in this hall.

"The Bhajans that are sung penetrate the ether in the form of sound waves, and fill the entire atmosphere.

Breathing in this purified atmosphere, our hearts get purified. Reciting the Lords name is a process of give and take. Singing the lords name should become an exercise in mutual sharing of joy and holiness. It should be remembered that the sounds we produce reverberate in the atmosphere. They remain permanently in the ether as waves, and outlast the individual uttering the sounds"





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Birthday Celebrations in Leicester

The day has arrived, the one that all Sai devotees have been waiting for, - the Birthday of our Beloved Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This year this auspicious day falls on a Spiritual Sunday, which only happens every 7 years or so.


So how are we going to mark this joyous occasion?

A fun-filled day has been designed to help us both develop our selves spiritually, as well as please our Lord - through Service.


The day will start early by waking up the Lord within with Suprabhatam. We will then have the opportunity to offer our

devotion at His Lotus feet through Paduka Archanam.

"Hands that Help are Holier then Lips that Pray" - this is the inspiration for the days activity. An opportunity for everyone of all ages and abilities to take part in some sort of Service.

A variety of activities have been organised so that there is something to suit everyone. These include outdoor Tree Planting, visiting Residential homes, food parcels for the refugees and clearing up the grounds of a local school.

To round of the day, an exciting cultural entertainment programme has been devised. This will include Divine bhajans, inspirational talk by one of Swami's ex-student, a colourful children's play, a vibrant Youth choir, and of course plenty of cake!

This day has been designed so that everyone can take part in all the activities, and truly make it a day to remember.

The theme for the day is Unity, Purity & Divinity. That is Unity of Word, Thought and Deed, Purity of the mind and heart, and Divinity, which is inherent in all of us.

So over to you now......


Birthday Programme

Sunday 23rd November 2003. Ram Mandir,  Hildyard Road. Leicester


Morning Programme


6:15 to 9:30

Ganth Naad

21 Omkars


Vedic Chanting

Paduka Archanam










Service Activities


10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Tree Planting

Refugee Support - Food Parcels

Entertainment at Residential Homes

Clearing Local School Grounds










Evening Programme


5:30 pm to 9:00 pm


Arrival& Book sale

Group Devotional Singing

Re-Cap of the Day

Play by SSE

talk by Brother Partish

Leicester Youth Choir

Birthday Song & Cake









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Swami's birthday cake is always very popular, so we have adapted the recipe for you to try at home.


Egg less cake


16oz Castor sugar

8oz margarine

20oz self raising flour (superfine cake)

2 tins (41O gm) tin unsweetened evaporated milk

1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

2 teaspoon Baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla essence


Heat the oven to Gas mark 4, Electric 200 (The oven should be fully heated before the cake goes in).

8 inch round (depth - 3 % approx) cake tin, greased and lined with baking parchment.

Sift flour, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda, in a separate bowl.

Mix margarine and sugar together until light and fluffy.Alternately, add the evaporated milk, then flour mixture until all of the mixture is used up. The mixture should be light and fluffy.

Put the mixture in the cake tin and put it in the oven.

Cook on gas mark 4 electric 200 for the first half hour then turn the oven down to gas mark 3 electric 50 and

cook for approx 45 minutes.



When checking if the cake is cooked, insert a sharp skewer or knife in, it should come out clean.

When cooked turn the cake out on a cooling rack and remove the baking parchment whilst hot. Allow it to cool


On his birthday, Swami personally distributes (Bundi Ladoos to his devotees. 'We hope the recipe for(Bundi wiCIinspire you to try mating it at home.





1lb Gram Flour

1 Tablespoon Ghee (clarified butter) 

1/2 Teaspoon deep orange food colouring

Oil for frying





1 & 1/2 Ibs sugar

1 & 1/2 Cups water Yellow/Orange food colouring


Mix the flour, ghee and food colouring together until it forms a batter consistency.

Fry the batter in oil over a Bundi sieve to form small droplets. Once fried leave the Bundi to drain on some paper towels.

Meanwhile, to make the syrup, mix the sugar, water and food colouring together. Bring to the boil and simmer until a syrup consistency is formed.

Once cooled, place the Bundi in the syrup. Leave for 1-2 hours or until all the syrup is absorbed by the Bundi.

Garnish with crushed cardamom, and a selection of finely cut nuts (e.g. pistachio).





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Text Box: The Coming of Sathya Sai Baba
Many major events are prophesised by astrologers, sages and people with the ability to see into the future. Below are some of the predictions of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, some written more then 5000 years ago.
Dr E V V Sastry, of the astrological research society of India studied several Nadi treatises written thousands of years ago by various sages, and discovered many references to Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
"Sathya Sai Baba will heal diseases of people with lightning speed. By his mere will he will bestow health. He will establish many educational institutions. He will publish many books on spiritual subjects. He will develop spirituality in humanity. The principal feature of his mission will be to establish righteousness."
"His residence will be called Prashanti Nilayam. By emphasising the principles of truth, righteousness, peace and love, he will establish and spread peace all over the world. He will derive immense Joy in the service of mankind."
"By the way He will live and act, He would create the illusion of being just an ordinary individual residing in Puttaparthi. He will bear the name of Narayana. He will be the incarnation of Shive-Shakti born on the banks of the river Chitravathi."
In the Nadi preserved in the above temple it is written: "In the Andhra region, on the banks of the river Chitravathi, God will incarnate himself. His name will be Sathya Narayana."
“In the village named Parthi, will be born a person called Sathyam. He will be 5 feet 3 inches high. He will act like a powerful magnet, capable of drawing to Himself the whole world."
SRI AUROBINDO - (a great yogi)
On the 24th November 1926 he immerged out of his spiritual trance and announced: "yesterday God incarnated Himself on earth. With his boundless divine powers, he will direct humanities mind towards higher, nobler goals. In every heart he will light a spiritual lamp."
PROPHET MOHAMMED - (discourses called The Ocean of Light where published after his death. Symbolic features by which the coming of the master o the world could be identified have been mentioned in these books. Volume 13) "He will have thick hair and his forehead will be broad. He will have a birthmark on his cheek. His dress will be of flaming red colour. Right from the moment of his birth, he will carry all knowledge in his head. Who ever sets eyes on him will experience supreme bliss. He will live 95 years. He will fill the world with peace and tranquillity. This lord of the world will produce his own forms out of his own body and his mouth..."
NOSTRADAMUS - (French Futurists of the 16th Century. Book title: Centuries) "The coming ruler of the world will appear in Asia. He will consider Thursdays as sacred. All the countries of the world will wonder and admire him for his boundless wisdom and powers"
Source: Tapovanam, chapter 4
Text Box: Group Devotional Singing 
Every Sunday
9.00a.m. – 10.15a.m
Soar Valley College
SSE Classes
On Sunday’s as per SSE term
10.30a.m. – 12.00 noon
Soar Valley College
Subrabatham by Youth
Every Sunday
 6.30 a.m. – 8 a.m.
Different venues-Open to all
Forthcoming events for Nov 2003
2 Nov
Diwali & Guru Nanak's Birthday celebrations - Soar Valley College
8 Nov
Guru Nanak's Birthday
8 & 9 Nov
Akhand Bhajans at Ram Mandir, Hilyard Road.
19 Nov
Ladies Forum - Meditation Soar Valley College
23 Nov
Birthday Celebrations - Full Programme on Page 7
26 Nov
30 Nov