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Service Wing - Meals on Wheels

This service activity is one of the oldest Centre activity (if not the oldest). Started over 30 Years ago. The Meals on Wheels Service is provided to those elderly members of the community who do not have family/friends to provide them with hot meals during the weekends and Bank Holidays  i.e. Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc.


Why do we provide this service?

The Council’s Meals on Wheels service was for week-days only - there was no week-end & bank holiday service, until recently. Council have started the service at weekends now, however views from the members who receive the meals was that they liked the "home cooked meal" and "they liked the personal interaction and sense of belonging to the Sai family" so we have carried on this service.

Currently we have 15 members who receive this service.


Who provides this service?

There are 30 to 40 ladies who provide this service, with the youth cooking the meals once a month. The rota is drawn up for 6 months at a time, and each lady member is asked to cook meal for 2 to 3 members. The rota is organised in such a way that each lady has cooking duties only once a month - see example of a rota below.


Aum Sai Ram

 Meals on Wheels Service        Saturdays Group 1     Jul - Dec 2007

 Please deliver food between 11.30-12.30 



AUG 07

SEP 07

OCT 07

NOV 07

DEC 07

Daxaben Panchamatia  


4th Aug

8th Sep

13th Oct

17th Nov

22nd Dec

Kanchanben Modi   

7th July

11th Aug

15th Sep

20th Oct

24th Nov

29th Dec

Jasuben Mistry     

14th July

18th Aug

22nd Sep

27th Oct


1st Dec

Chanchalben Mistry 

Group Leader

21st July

25th Aug

29th Sep


3rd Nov

8th Dec

Kantaben Mistry  

28th July


1st Sep

6th Oct

10th Nov

15th Dec








Kanukaka – 52 Pluto close – 1 Person

Kasturben – 26 Pluto close – 1 Person

Please note that food should not be too spicy.

Please contact Chanchalben Mistry or Jagdishbhai Chauhan if you have any problems



Three steps to this service -

  Step 1  -  Meal Cooked





  Step 2  -  Meal Packed



 Step 3  -  Meal Collected and Delivered





Youth cooking

Once a month, the Youths do all the cooking & deliver all the meals.





If you would like more information about this service then please contact us.


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