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What's New.........
This page contains list of recent changes to the web site,
listed in chronological order.

First, the page shows the latest announcements made at our Centre.

Announcements for Sunday 2nd June 2013

Today’s announcements are as follows:

1. Learning the Rudram 

Rudram chanting classes at the East West Centre on Narborough Road, in the upstairs room. Classes for practice will be held every Saturday, from 10:30 to 12:30, until Homam in Birmingham on the 21st July.

2 .Bhajan Practice:

There will be bhajan practice as usual in the foyer after bhajans. Please come and practice your bhajans if you wish to sing on Sundays.

3. Study Circle

There will be study circle next Sunday after bhajans.  The topic for next Sunday is ‘Harmony in thought word and deed’. Everyone is welcome.

4 .National Events.

UK National Retreat UK National Sai Retreat 2013 (30 August – 01 September) will take place in Llandudno in Wales again this year .Registration is now open .This was very popular last year. To avoid disappointment please go to the National website and register as soon as possible.

Guru Purnima Rudra Homam  will be held at Balaji temple in Birmingham 21st July 2013


For further information on any of these please go to the information desk or please see our Centre website.

Thought of the Day by Vijaybhai


April 2013

Computer Awareness, Easter Sunday & Open Day pages published - see Events 2013 Page for more details.

March 2013

Mother's Day Bhajans & Maha Shivratri celebration pages published - See Events 2013 Page for more details.

March 2013

Changed title on the latest design of our pages to 'Sathya Sai Centre - Leicester Central' as per Organisation's Operations Manual - 'Names of centers and groups. Sathya Sai Centers generally carry the name of the local community in which they are located. In English-speaking countries, the standard is “Sathya Sai Center [or Centre] of (town or city in which it meets)”. Similar naming conventions should be adopted in other languages'. See http://www.srisathyasai.org.uk/national-programmes/NSSOC2013MAIL/resources/pdf/CenterManual2012Sep.pdf

Please click on the 'Home' above to see the new title.

January 2013

Centre calendar for 2013 published - Calendar 2013.

Service Rota for January to March 2013 published.

January 2013

New Home Page for 2013 published - Home!

December 2012

New Year's eve bhajans in Nottingham page published - see Events 2012 Page for more details.

December 2012

Birthday celebrations and Christmas pages published - see Events 2012 Page for more details.

November 2012

Swami's Birthday programmes pages published - see Events 2012 Page for more details.

November 2012

Akhand Bhajans, Food Parcels & Diwali pages published - see Events 2012 Page for more details.

September & October 2012

National Retreat in Llandudno, Anil Kumar in Leicester & Avatar Declaration Day pages published - see Events 2012 Page for more details.

August 2012

Krishna Janmastami page published - see Events 2012 Page for more details.

July 2012

Family Fun Day & Global Service Day pages published - see Events 2012 Page for more details.

May 2012

Easwaramma Day page published - see Events 2012 Page for more details.

Link to video of Sanjay Sahni's talk added - see National Remembrance Day page.

February to April 201

Various pages published for events in 2012 - see Events 2012 Page for more details.

January 2012

New Layout for the Home Page published

November 2011

Contact Us & Search pages developed and available now.


9 Jul 2010

End of Term letter published on the SSE Page

2 Apr 2010

Monthly Activities sheet published on the Home Page.

Service Wing Rota published on the Service Wing Page

11 Mar 2010

Love & Light for March published

SSE Letter re Parents' meeting Easter 2010 published.

9 Mar 2010

Link to the official website of the Sathya Sai Centre UK added on the Sai Sites Page

1 Mar 2010

Love & Light for January & February published

Details of Sadhana for the UK National Pilgrimage published.

7 Feb 2010

Maha Shivratri page published

6 Feb 2010

Major changes made to bring the site up to date for 2010.

9 Dec 2009

Love & Light for December published

17 Nov 2009

Love & Light for November published

2 Nov 2009

SSE Autumn Newsletter published on the SSE page.

15 June

Ladies Retreat photos published

11 June 2009

Love & Light Newsletter for June 2009 published

11 May 2009

Love & Light Newsletter for May 2009 published.

29 April 2009

Easter and Ramnavami pages published

19 April 2009

"Remove the curtain between you and Me" by Indulal Shah available to download.


22 March 2009

Dates of study circles & subject for the rest of this year published.


9 March 2009

SSE Human Values and Dynamic Parenting page published.


7 March 2009

Feedback Form added to the site.


12 January 2009

2009 Calendar and Events page for 2009 published.


2 January 2009

SSE page updated with new information. Hall Set-up rota published.


22 December 2008

Christmas celebration photos published.

8 December 2008

Details of the National Conference on Saturday 31 January published.


24 November 2008

Swami's Birthday Celebrations photos published.


17 November 2008

Additional Information on Orissa Flood and how you can help added to the Centre Announcements page.


14 November 2008

November Love & Light Newsletter published.


10 November 2008

Akhand Bhajans page updated and new page for Spiritual Wing added.


5 November 08

New Pages for Ashwin Venkatesh & Diwali Celebration published.


26 October 08

New design pages published.


27 August 08

New Web Design developed and published for the Centre Committee to review.

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