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Sai Logo










The logo contains the five human values that form the foundation of Bahgavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s

education-in-human-values programme


               Truth                         Sathya

               Right Conduct        Dharma

               Peace                        Shanti

               Love                          Prema

               Non-Violence         Ahimsa



Also pictured in the logo is a tall pillar, called the world religions stupa, with a lotus flower at the top.


This pillar is near the temple in Prasanthi Nilayam (Sathya Sai Baba's main ashram in India). The pillar, with its concentric rings, represents the unity of faiths, that all are seeking the one and same God. The rising column signifies that humanity rises above differences to the unfolding of the 'lotus of the heart', whose petals are at the top of the pillar.
The flame of inner illumination is in the centre of the lotus. Just as the lotus plant lives in water without getting contaminated by it, so we should live in the world while being untouched by it. The base of the pillar is surrounded by plaques with quotations from the five main religions emphasising the unity of faiths and mankind's spiritual journey.



Until early 1996, the emblem of the Organisation was the "Sarva Dharma" (symbol of Unity of Religions and Basic Values), depicted by an open lotus with six petals and six leaves. There is a lamp in the centre. The six petals show different symbols representing world's six major religions.

The "Om" at the top represents Hinduism, the cross depicts Christianity, the crescent and star are for Islam, the star of David is for Judaism, the fire represents Zorastrianism, and the wheel is for Buddhism. This is the Sai Emblem to show the unity of all faiths and the common basis for the values of all religions.



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