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Sathya Sai Centre of Leicester

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Events for year 2015


Date of Centre Event

Actual Event Date
National Sathya Sai Orientation Conference   Saturday 24th January
Maha Shivaratri (H) Tuesday 17 February(SVC) Tuesday 17th February
Mother's Day Sunday 15th March (SVC) Sunday 15th March
Sri Ram Navami (H) Sunday 29th March (SVC) Saturday 28th March
National Youth Symposium   Saturday 28th March
Easter Sunday ( C ) Sunday 5th April (SVC) Sunday 5th April
Vaisakhi (S) Sunday 19th April (SVC) Tuesday 14th April
Bhagawan's Mahasamadhi Day Friday 24th April (SVC) Friday 24th April
National Sathya Sai Human Values Day   Sunday 26th April
National Easwaramma Day Programme   Saturday 2nd May
Easwaramma Day Sunday 3rd May (SVC) Wednesday 6th May
Ladies Day - Knitting Blankets Saturday 9 May in Syston  
Buddha Purnima Sunday 10th May (SVC) Monday 4th May
Father's Day Sunday 21st June (SVC) Sunday 21st June
Computer Awareness Session Sunday 28 June  
Regional Service Day (Salcey Forest)   Sunday 12th July
Eid-Ul-Fitr (I) Sunday 19th July (SVC) Saturday 18th July
Global Service Day Saturday 18th July Saturday 18th July
Paduka Puja Sunday 2nd & 16 August (SVC)  
Health Awareness Day for the homeless/Bridge Project Sunday 23 August at Salvation Army Hall  
Sri Krishna Janmastami (H) Saturday 5th September (SVC) Saturday 5 September
Avatarhood Declaration Day Sunday 19th October (SVC) Monday 20th October
Deepavali (H) Sunday 8th November (SVC) Wednesday 11th November
Global Akhand Bhajans Sat and Sun 14 - 15 November Sat and Sun 14 - 15 November
Ladies Day Thursday 19th November Thursday 19th November
Food Parcels November  
Swami's Birthday Celebration Sunday 22nd November Monday 23rd November
National Swami's Birthday Programme   tbc
Christmas Party for elderly guests Saturday 12th or 19th December  
National Pilgrimage to Prashanti Nilayam   5th December to 5th January
Christmas Celebration Sunday 20th December (SVC) Friday 25th December
National Christmas Programme   tbc






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